“There are some people who don’t wait.”

My friend forwarded this link to me, which leads to a written account of Robert Krulwich’s commencement speech for Berkley’s School of Journalism. Even as a student just beginning this educational journey and not one about to end it, I recognize the honest yet hopeful message in his words. The media hosts a fierce, competitive job market, and a writer can no longer afford to sit back and wait for an opportunity to come; he or she must actively search for opportunities to interview, to research, to write, and to share information with others. I’m glad that he recognizes the opportunities for innovation and fails to criticize those who want to write. Entering the industry may be a challenge, but as in any field, the dedicated, the persistent, and the passionate usually succeed.

Am I being overly optimistic, imagining what I would like to hear before I cross the stage and receive my diploma? Possibly. Many of us, however, are willing to try, and I’d like to see the critics stop us from doing that.

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