A favorite place on the Interwebs

A man with the last name of Shakespeare introduced me to this website, which should have been the first indication of its brilliance.

McSweeney’s publishes quarterly magazines and volumes filled with short, humorous prose that is well-respected in the literary world. Whether in list, article, or story format, pieces satire politics, pop culture, and people. The link above leads to the archives of their online portion, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, on which they post one new piece each day.


As for their most recent pieces:

I always thought the last item listed in Ralph Gamelli’s “Items I’ll Need to Exact My Revenge” would be the most effective.

Dan Moreau’s “The Nine Circles of Adjunct Hell” brought back poor memories from a certain tenth-grade World Literature class.

Someone should forward Sloan Schang’s “A Post-Rapture Survival Checklist” to Harold Camping. He may want to stock up.


But really, if you enjoy humor, search for cultural references in everyday conversation, and have a few minutes, check out McSweeney’s. You may become hooked.

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