Eating well’s not for squares

I’m sorry, but…really?!

I thought they were joking when I heard the news about this lovely diagram, MyPlate, replacing the food pyramid.

MyPlate could have been the product of a five-year-old who hasn’t yet mastered the art of drawing pie charts. Both messy and uninformative, I could not begin to tell you how much of each portion you need a day after looking at this chart. At least with the food pyramid, you could see how much you need of each food group comparatively (i.e. fruit > dairy), but this just has a bunch of pieces that form a circle. Oh, plus the circle of dairy on the side. But what if my dairy product isn’t circular? How tall should my glass of milk be? And how does it begin to compare with the bigger circle? Think about that, USDA.

Idiocracy might be in our future. Watch out.

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