Honestly, I wish I were more surprised

Good job, Atlanta Public Schools.

As a former member of the other school system under SACS investigation (thanks a lot, Crawford Lewis), I find this sad. Very sad.

Georgia’s 49th in the country for education with the help of one cheating school system. What would happen if they didn’t cheat? Would we be dead last?

Unfortunately, I can understand why we’ve earned such a prestigious ranking, especially after taking the Georgia High School Graduation Test with questions such as the following (which was, in fact, an actual question):

 Which of the following numbers could be a zip code?

a) (678) 123-4567

b) 30342

c) $135.42

d) 432,976

Yeah. And to think that a conversation I overheard in the hallway one afternoon went something like this:

“Girl, I cannot believe I passed the graduation test! I mean, I cheated on the science and the lit, but I didn’t have anyone to cheat off for math, and I still passed!”


No offense, but what a sad, sad world yours must be if cheating is easier than thinking.

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