Cow Appreciation Day

Thanks to our fabulous costumes, we all got free dinner…love it.

Costumes at our local Chick-Fil-A varied.

Some were pretty into it – someone from ‘10 spray painted black spots on a t-shirt, wore grillz and a black baseball cap, and brought a sign that read, “Cows Go Crunk.” One father donned a full-face mask and cape while herding his small children to their booth. Another woman stepped inside a huge cardboard “Eat Mor Chiken” sign and filmed us as we left.

On the other hand, there were many who simply colored dots onto white t-shirts and tank tops with black Sharpies. A few just wore white and black. One family wore all black and taped white spots to their shirts…white spots that they scribbled in with black Sharpie, that is. We were a tad confused by that one.

Even though I am not a carnivore, I enjoy celebrating this holiday, asking people to give up beef and, yes, eat more chicken.

And lemonade. And waffle fries. And soft serve ice cream. And every other dish this delicious food chain sells.

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