Why Magazine Editing?

I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed when I first scanned the list of emphasis areas. Most of the thirty specialized options seemed like fun, fascinating career paths to pursue. However, I knew my dream job before I even looked at the options. Even before I began applying to colleges, I knew I wanted to be a magazine editor.
I’ve always been, for lack of a better term, a grammar girl. While diagramming sentences in the sixth grade were excruciating for most eleven-year-olds, I found them useful as I memorized the functions of words, and I recognized the power of punctuation, a topic most considered “bothersome.” After others learned of my enthusiasm, I began editing my peers’ papers and later edited my middle school’s yearbook and literary magazine.
After entering high school, I continued to pursue my journalistic and editing interests. I served as editor of my school’s literary magazine for three of the four years. I joined my school’s literary magazine staff my sophomore year and worked my way to editor-in-chief my senior year. My efforts extended outside of school; the summer after my sophomore year, I was an editor at the Wren’s Nest Publishing Company in downtown Atlanta and created a literary magazine for sale at the Decatur Book Festival.
When asked why I enjoy editing, particularly for magazine-style publications, I sometimes have trouble reaching one concrete answer. I think it goes back to my in writing, pictures and design. I like to be involved with all aspects of a publication, and I think emphasizing in magazine editing would allow me to do that.
Even though I’m currently set on editing, I’m keeping an open mind these next four years to other types of journalism. After working for The Maneater this semester, I’m considering focusing on print editing instead of magazine editing. I expect working for Vox Magazine or the Columbia Missourian in the next few years will solidify my decision. Until then, I will continue to work toward entering my sequence, when I can finally begin to explore the world of magazine journalism.
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