If the price is right…

Whether it’s because we’re broke or because we have short attention spans is irrelevant. College students like free stuff.

In the semester (and a half?!) I’ve been here, I’ve attended few events yet have accumulated boxes full of knick-knacks. A scarf with the logo of a building in which I’ll never live, a wooden back-scratcher and a mini tape measure all make the list.

I’ll admit, some of the items I’ve received have been sweet. I proudly display my column-shaped stress ball on my bookshelf, and my collection of MU cups makes pouring coffee into a travel mug infinitely easier each morning. Besides, free stuff is always fun to get – something about not having to pay for a possession, no matter how insignificant, can brighten one’s day.

So thank you, MU and smaller companies. My collection of collegiate knick-knacks has exponentially grown.

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