My Breakup with 2012

Oh hey, 2012.

We just began our last date together, and if we’re being honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

In case you don’t remember (I know I do), our relationship got off to a bit of a rocky start. You gave me reason to doubt many things 2011 had showed me, and I didn’t like that a whole lot. I spent most of my time those first few months figuring you out. In the words of one of my favorite science teachers, I took chances and made mistakes, and it certainly got messy sometimes. (Just one example: Your April Fool’s joke wasn’t too funny.) The fourth and fifth months of our relationship can be best described as a ride on one of those rickety wood roller coasters that I’m pretty sure they keep at Six Flags for nostalgia’s sake because they are just not that fun to ride.

But just when I thought we were doomed, something almost magical happened around month six. We started to get along really well, better than we had gotten along ever before. The same continued the next month, despite a rough patch in the middle of the month. But the difference between this rough patch and previous ones is that we worked through it together. After you helped make us OK again, I realized how much potential we really had.

You really came through this last half of the year, 2012. Sure, we had our small disputes. But even though you frustrated me at times and had me overanalyzing your every move, I knew it was going to work out eventually. Something had finally clicked with us, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

But now, the time has come for us to part ways, for me to move on. I’ll always remember that you were a bit of a challenge initially, but that it all worked out in the end. You taught me that, along with many other things, and I’m forever thankful.

As I said before, 2012, it’s not you — it’s all me (I promise), and I genuinely wish you the best in the future.

I also really hope you’re not the jealous ex type because I hear 2013’s supposed to be mighty fine.

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