Much Ado About Nothing (Newsworthy)

Journalists attend a lot of meetings.

Some are full of discussion, controversy, interesting quotes and results that will have a major impact on a community.¬†Others hold much conversation but little action. It’s up to journalists to make this distinction and determine what information the public should know.

After a two-hour Faculty Council meeting Thursday, I ended up writing an 11-inch recap (for you non-journalists, that’s not a very long one). A lot of discussion occurred that only resulted in two decisions being made and two issues being further discussed at a later date.

It’s taken a few meetings, but I’ve started to learn what kinds of issues the public needs to know and what details are likely extraneous. For my detail-oriented mind, this is huge, and I know it’ll help me when I report for the remainder of this semester and when I examine stories as an editor in the future.

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