My Time Covering Faculty Council

Sign No. 354 the semester is ending: I covered my last Faculty Council meeting Thursday.

My first Missourian story was a Faculty Council meeting recap. In that meeting, the council voted to ask Chancellor Deaton to maintain the Nuclear Science and Engineering Institute.

How fitting, then, that at my last meeting, the council voted on additional matters concerning the institute.

The Nuclear Science and Engineering Institute saga is just one of several issues I covered during my Faculty Council time. That issue might not be resolved yet, but I’m happy to say I’ve seen a few issues wrap up during my time as a reporter.

I saw the root cause analysis report concerning the University of Missouri Press, a hot issue first semester, that answered a lot of previously unresolved questions.

I saw statements published by MU colleges and schools informing the public how they enhance diversity, which resulted from a failure to pass a mandatory diversity course requirement in 2011.

And, perhaps the most emotion-packed issue, I saw non-tenure-track faculty added to MU’s definition of faculty, meaning they can now vote on campuswide issues.

As long and as complicated as some of those meetings have been, it was almost bittersweet to leave Thursday’s meeting, knowing that I’ll never be back again.

But, as Vitamin C sings, as I go on, I’ll remember all the times we had together.

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