Knowing the Backstory

Tomorrow morning, my last (as of now) higher education administration story will be published.

I’ve spent a lot of time this semester on what I’ve come to find is a hybrid of higher education and government. I’ve spent hours in Faculty Council and UM System Board of Curators meetings, listening to discussions about faculty and funding. I’ve learned to read higher education documents and the importance of translating that information into reader-friendly language. (The act of translating is still a work in progress.)

I think most importantly, though, I’ve learned a lot about what shapes higher education decisions and the impact that these decisions have on hundreds of faculty members and thousands of students. As a student here, I’m fortunate to have had that inside look so I can better understand what’s happening outside my student bubble.

I have no doubt I’ll continue reading higher education stories the rest of my time here. However, I’m glad someone else will have the opportunity to attend these meetings and write the recap.

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