Summer in SoCal: Week 3

This past week was pretty chill. I’m glad I got some time to relax (and get some things done), but I’m also looking forward to exploring more of California next weekend!

6/17: My roommate and I went to Newport Beach for sun, sea and sand but not for surfing. After we laid out for a few hours, we went to a Ruby’s Diner (they’re all over the coast). The grilled cheese, spicy fries and peanut butter chocolate milkshake were divine.

6/19: In other (non-California) news, I booked plane tickets for October so I can see my Tigers take on the Dawgs at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Ga. M-I-Z!

6/20: I finished “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” which I loved except it made me crave biscuits, sweet tea and other food Southern California doesn’t specialize in.

6/21: I spent my afternoon in a jury box, and I didn’t have jury duty. The Orange County Courthouse served as the location for this week’s Register U session, at which we discussed how to cover courtroom stories. I found it really interesting and pertinent to copy editing (e.g., who’s an investigator and who’s a detective), and it answered a lot of my “Law and Order” questions. By the time I got off work, my friends had left for drinks at a place that carded at the door. So, as the under-21 intern, I got my own cheaper (and better-tasting) shots somewhere that doesn’t card: Yogurtland.

Ordering shots on shots because Yogurtland doesn't card. #under21probs

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6/22: I spent the morning reading and tanning by the pool because, I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend the morning doing that on such a nice day? Then, after work, my roommates went with me to Diamond Jamboree, a nearby complex specializing in Asian food. After we ate some delicious sushi, we went home and watched “The Virgin Suicides.”

Swimming and tanning before work. #beautifulday

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6/23: I grabbed Mexican food at Rubio’s with a friend and walked around the shopping center for a bit. After that, I joined some people at the pool to tan, though it was a bit chilly by the time I got there. Last night, I finished “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” stressed out about my next few semesters and decided that I do want to go to grad school.

6/24: I talked with some potential host organizations for the Alternative Winter Break service trip I’m leading, and I got a few leads! (Relief starts … now.) Because it was too cloudy and chilly to go to the beach, my roommate and I went to the Irvine Spectrum (a shopping complex) and walked around for a bit. I got a few things, including a key to add to my necklace collection. My initials are “KEY,” so keys have kind of always been my thing.

Picked up another one today. Having "KEY" as initials = owning key jewelry.

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A bunch of us have been talking about making day trips to San Diego and Los Angeles, so hopefully one of those will happen next week!

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