Summer in SoCal: Week 5

I’ll start right where I left off with the last post: the Fourth of July.

7/4: Some of the Register interns spent the day at Balboa Island. Our first stop? Sugar ‘N’ Spice, home of the original frozen banana. This time, though, I got its other famous dessert: the Balboa bar, publicized by Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) on “The O.C.”:

Back again, this time to try a Balboa bar, made famous by my dream boy Seth Cohen on "The O.C."

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We walked around Little Balboa Island for a bit before we waited in a 45-minute line to take the ferry to Balboa Island. We waded in the water, tanned and drank sweet tea on the beach:

Happy Fourth of July! #murca

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We left Balboa late that afternoon and returned to our apartment complex to barbecue with some co-workers.

Then, Stephanie and I went to the parking garage at Fashion Island in Newport Beach:

Watching the sun set and waiting for fireworks at Fashion Island.

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We were able to see several O.C. fireworks shows, two of them were very close to us, before we got In-N-Out:

Happy Fourth of July!

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7/5: I stopped by Fashion Island before work to window-shop. So many stores were there, including a Vineyard Vines with Newport Beach gear!

7/7: In the early afternoon, Steph and I walked around South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa’s equivalent of Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall. We found some great deals (and I found another key necklace for my collection — I’m up to five).

Later that day, Sally and I went to the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach (which means I can now be considered a local, apparently). We saw some great local artists, including a man who makes mermaid sand sculptures at the beach and a woman who makes giant metal mushrooms and garden gnomes. But the coolest part was seeing a glassblower make a vase and talking with him afterward about the process. Take one of his classes for me this fall, Sally!

Then, we drove into town and walked down this hill to have some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches at a vegetarian cafe:

Remember that time we drove down this hill, @mre545 and @hlpotes?

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Since we were there, we of course walked around the beach at sunset:

Laguna Beach at sunset.

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7/8: Hannah and I took our usual Monday beach trip, but this time to Huntington Beach, aka Surf City, USA:

Beach Monday.

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We relaxed, had some good fast food from Jack’s (the beachside concessions shop) and enjoyed the breeze … until we realized how sunny it was and how burnt we were getting. Oops.

But in other news, I’m excited for this next week — one of my friends from home is coming to visit, and I can’t wait to show her around Southern California!

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