Summer in SoCal: Week 6

It’s absolutely crazy to think I have less than a month left here.

This past week:

7/10: I walked into work just in time to see a “town hall” meeting. Every month or so, work halts for about an hour to listen to owner Aaron Kushner speak, and associates are encouraged to ask questions.

7/12: I was in the newsroom (and was the first one to know, thanks to AP Mobile) when the Texas abortion bill passed.

7/13: I was in the newsroom for the craziness that was the conclusion of the Zimmerman trial, which resulted in our wire editor completely redoing three pages.

7/13: I woke up early to go to the Irvine Farmers Market, where I ate my weight in free fruit and hummus samples and bought some delicious grapefruit, spinach feta artichoke hummus and some of the most delicious strawberries I’ve had in a long time — grown practically down the street:

Once the "Strawberry Girl," always the "Strawberry Girl."

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I had some extra time to kill, so I drove across the street to UC Irvine, perhaps better known as George-Michael Bluth’s alma mater.

It was a pretty standard college campus. It even had a bronze anteater statue, just like MU has the tiger statue in Carnahan Quad:

So if the Mizzou tradition is to ride the tiger, is the UC Irvine tradition to ride the anteater?

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And if the statue wasn’t enough, the fans even call themselves the ‘Eaters, like The Maneater was informally known as in the ’80s. How cute.

Guess Maneaters aren't the only 'Eaters.

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I also finally saw my roommate Marie, who had been home for three days. The downfall of being a copy editor on a completely different schedule.

7/14: I tanned and read this month’s Cosmo by the pool before work, so I had an excellent morning. (I get a three-day weekend this weekend because I worked six days last week.)

7/15: Hannah, her friend Brooke and I went to Newport Beach for Hannah’s last(!) Beach Monday. The waves were kind of crazy:

The longer I'm here, the more I love this place. #neverleavingCali #beachmondays

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Then, a few of us watched “The O.C.” … in O.C. It’s so funny now to recognize PCH and all of the aerial shots. The show takes place in Newport Beach, which is about 10 minutes from us. And watching the pilot episode again was so funny.

My friend Addie’s coming tomorrow — can’t wait!

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