Catering to Online

This past week was a light one for me on the copy desk. I left Columbia on Thursday afternoon to go home to Georgia and see friends, family and that incredible football game, so I only worked Tuesday afternoon.

I worked on one package that day: photos of Battle High School’s band. I created a typical photo gallery, but because the piece was to be the home page centerpiece that evening, I then had to write a “story” with information from the captions — Django doesn’t like putting media files as centerpieces, apparently. I hadn’t previously been aware of the need to create article files for photos, so I was glad to have the opportunity to work with that.

I also built the home page for the website that evening. Wade, one of the assistant news editors, and I played around with different home page layouts before settling on one of the usual ones. One aspect we didn’t like about a few of the home page templates included the headline looking like a photo caption, not a headline. We found the layout confusing and figured the reader would, too.

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