Beautiful Belgium

I’ve been told that I chose a great weekend to visit Molly and others in the Mizzou Brussels internship program, and I agree — Belgium was nothing short of beautiful.

On Saturday, several of us took a train to Dinant, a small city along a river. We began the day by seeing the obvious sites: the saxophone statues (the creator is from there), the Collegiale-Notre Dame and the Citadel. The view from the top was worth all 408 steps we climbed.


After that, we went exploring. The city had a lot of ruins and paths to them, which were all really cool. The ruins were small and scattered until we reached a vast open space, which contained ruins of Crevecoeur, this castle. (No pictures yet — my hard drive crashed and I don’t have access to them.) It was really nice to spend a day just exploring, without any set itinerary.

Molly and I spent Sunday exploring Brussels. I had the essentials — waffles, beer and frites — and we visited the main square, the European Union buildings and a beautiful park. It was a great weekend, and it didn’t even rain once! (OK, it rained as I was boarding the plane.)

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