How Sharpie colors should be named

Like Crayola crayons, that is - by what they resemble. The following are the first names that popped into my head as I looked at a handful of Sharpies: - Raspberry Smoothie - The Tan Slash Brown That One Can Find in Any Store - Army Green - J. Crew Dark Grey - Big-Eyed Cartoon Frog Green - School Jersey Purple - Mango Sorbet - Overcast Sky Blue - Pretty Pretty Princess Purple - Five-Year-Old Pink - That Rich Dark Red That I Love - Artificial Grass - Translucent Shirt Pink - Milk Chocolate - I Want to Seem Daring and Crazy, But I’m Too Scared [Green] - Indistinguishable Mix Between Blue and Green - The Color I Always Think Is Black But Is Really Dark Navy - The Perfect…
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